Between May 2007 and December 2009 I worked on several stop-motion animation music videos. I collaborated, animated, assisted, photographed, and co-stared as an animated character. I had the experience of filming in various weather conditions in Philadelphia; after a heavy rain in flooded streets, in the humid sweltering heat of late spring, and during a live snow storm in the countryside of Pennsylvania. My days were filled with costume design, set and prop design, character design, puppet construction, rigging, location scouting, research, production prep and conceptualizing cinematic shots.

In “SkullBear and Friends II Aunt Helmette” I acted as the “Fairy God Mother”. As a professional character model for studio animators I was prepared for the multiple hours of stillness needed for consecutive and continuous characterization movements. Time goes by fast when your mind, body, and spirit are focused and in unison. I also assisted on the production as a camera operator and grip.


On “Song Without A Hero” I created conceptual shots, executed practical lighting effects, and assisted on set with costumes and props. For “Illuminant” I did the special effects make-up for “The Two Headed Man” puppet masks featured in the video. I consulted on costuming, animated puppets for select sequences and constructed puppets. I assisted with cinematography creating conceptual shots, and as a camera operator, camera grip and rigger. I also shot the documentary photos for the music video. Some images can be seen below. More images can be seen on my Design page

Above Photo & Video Still: T. Stretch


Below is list of the music videos I worked on, and co-starred in.
Attached are timed segments of sequences where my creative work is visible.
My production roles are listed below.

Song Without A Hero
Costume and Wardrobe Assist., Props Assist., Camera Assist.,
Visual Consulting, Visual FX, Grip

Conceptual camera shot, costume assistant, props grip, lighting fx and grip
3:04 - 3:08 minutes
Assist. conceptual camera shot, costume assist., props grip, lighting fx and grip
3:08 - 3:13 minutes
Lighting fx, grip, costume assistant and props grip
3:17 - 3:21 minutes

SkullBear and Friends II Aunt Helmette
Special Appearance - “Fairy God Mother”
Animator, Camera Operator, Costume and Make-up Design, Visual FX,

“Fairy God Mother” - orig. concept, costume/wardrobe, make-up and animation
1:44 - 2:00 minutes

Costume consulting for “Pink Patty”
“Pink Patty” - animation, camera operation , lighting fx, and conceptual camera shot

“White Wig” - animation and lighting fx
2:58 - 3:06 minutes

Camera operation, assist to conceptual camera shot
3:28 - 3:39 minutes

Two Headed Man & I —taking a quick break from
animating before moving onto another sequence and location.
Photo by T. Stretch


Special Fx Make-up, Animator, Camera Operator, Costume Assistant,
Visual Consulting and Documentary Photographer

Character consulting for Baby and Deer. Make-up
and costume consulting for “Two Headed Man”
Conceptual camera shot
00 - 53 seconds
Camera operation
1:16 - 1:25 minutes
Animation, camera operation, conceptual camera shot
1:26 - 1:29 minutes
Animation, camera operation, conceptual camera shot
1:30 - 1:33 minutes
Assist. conceptual camera shot
3;16 - 3:26 minutes
Conceptual camera shot
3:45 - 3:59 minutes


Documentary Shots
Photos by Sophia Segal

Masks devoid of depth & facial tone
before my make-up application.

A close-up of the latex masks after makeup application.
The paint held in up well in the damp conditions.

The “Two Headed Man” getting dowsed by fresh snowfall.

I am taking doc shots and camera operating.
T. Stretch animates the “Two Headed Man”.

The Two Headed Man as seen in the completed video.
Video Still: T. Stretch