"Lepers of Wisdom" is my latest vocal demo work to date following my vocal debut on "Otherworld". I’ve been busy over the last few years fleshing out a director reel with film shorts and music videos. I've also been writing original scripts for feature films and episodic television serials. Meanwhile, developing projects for multi-platform entertainment (video games and motion-capture).

LEPERS OF WISDOM was recorded several years ago. The musical soundscapes were chosen as supportive backdrops to my vocal dubs. The tracks are from film scores and EDM composers. I was attracted to particular soundtracks and compositions created by a few of my favorite artists. Tracks featured are by The Dust Brothers “Fight Club”, John Powell “The Bourne Identity”, Graham Reynolds “A Scanner Darkly” and Molasses “Conversations with My Sanity”.

Most of the songs on "LOW" were written when I was recovering from a near fatal car accident while crossing a crosswalk in Seattle, WA. It was quite the near death experience. While healing I was haunted by several musical tracks. You can say the tracks chose me! The soundscapes called out and the lyrics came to me very quickly. When I relocated back to Los Angeles in the early 2000’s an opportunity to record came along. I included two new songs as well, "Dangerous Curves" and "Stretch". Both songs were written just days prior to recording.

The songs on "LOW" explore ecstatic emotions, psychic visions, and psychological and supernatural terrains. The narratives peer into internal landscapes that are dark, erotically charged and spiritually illuminated.

What now? I look forward to getting back in the studio to record a new character voice-over/vocalist reel soon, and forging new collaborations for music licensing opportunities. It's way over due. I'm excited to get back to a love of mine, MUSIC and SINGING! I'm currently keep an ear out for select soundtrack composers, soundscape designers, and like-minded EDM composers for musical collaborations on original music for film, television serials, video games and commercials.

Thanks for checking out my vocal work!

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“Grace Slicks meets 4AD and Bela Lugosi in a cave kicking and screaming.”
~ The Rocket, Seattle, WA