Honorable Mention MY MISSION : MY VIDEO Film Contest 2010 

Mission Federal Credit Union


A young girl dreams she is visited by fairy-tale like creatures, who assist in the search for buried treasure then reward her altruistic efforts by crowning her queen.

An innocent thumbprint to live life through; the wondrous perspective of a childlike vision... after all the best dreams that can come true are ones that you inspire you to reach your goals by “dreaming big”.

Voice Over  

Sophia Segal


Talent: Nicole Vilchis and Stephanie Bailey - O’Connor
Shot by: Bob Unger & Sophia Segal at Torrey Pines State Park. San Diego, CA 
and Sophia Segal at La Jolla Beach, San Diego, CA (new footage)

Sci-fi, Fantasy, Supernatural Horror and Action Thriller.

Otherworld was originally drafted as a short film screenplay (prequel) to a full length feature film. Since then, Otherworld has morphed into a (54 page) one-hour television screenplay titled, “Otherworld - The Gateway” (Episode I), and is a prime for a “mature audience” cable series. “Otherworld - The Gateway (Episode I) script can also be padded with “Otherworld - The Journey Begins” (Episode II) to support the draft of a full-length feature screenplay as the first installment of “Otherworld” film franchise. 

The inspiration and visual terrain of “Otherworld” was originally conceived back in 1998, when I published my first musical project as MEDIUM with the album (cd) title, “Otherworld”. I later followed up with a vocal demo titled “Lepers of Wisdom”, which also contains connective roots to “Otherworld”. The vision of “Otherworld” has been years in the making. “Otherworld - The Gateway” (Episode I) and “Otherworld - The Journey Begins” (Episode II) are the first two in a series of scripts for Otherworld. 

I look forward to bringing this unique world to life for cable television as a series, or onto the big screen as a feature film franchise. 

“Otherworld is just one world away.”

The Gateway - Episode I 
In the middle of the night a reclusive woman in the suburbs wakes to a surprise visit by mystical beings from Otherworld. Meanwhile, on the darker side of town a rogue station agent searches for the entrance to Otherworld. With the influence of supernatural forces, synchronistic events, and the help of unlikely adversaries Alethea and Julian will face their deepest wounds and desires, uncover hidden drives and reclaim psychic gifts that have been dormant until now. In a matter of hours they will cross each other’s paths and enter Otherworld together.

Series Log Line (contained in Show Bible) is a show spoiler and is only disclosed to industry professionals with an signed NDA for proper legal monitoring. 

Otherworld has been hosted on The Blacklist since 4.3.2103.
As of 12.9.14 the script was placed in temporary suspension due to updated revisions and  acquiring legal representation.  


Secure long-term financial investment to fund the full scale production of an original “mature audience” cable series (subscriber based movie streaming host or network) or full-length feature film with franchise installments. 

Marketing Potential: 
With the support of multi-media marketing and advertising strategies, and online social networking Otherworld has the potential to penetrate various revenue streams with cross-platform entertainment such as; electronic games, animation features, graphic novels and comic books, global dvd sales, digital downloads and streaming, mobile applications and games, as well as toy manufacturing, and licensing for apparel and general product merchandising. 

If you would like to contact me about “Otherworld Teaser Packet” and “Otherworld Show Bible” please email me.
In early development. 

It’s a gender-bending surreal, murder mystery romp. Fashion flashbacks (say that fast 3x) from the past mysteriously meet and mingle with magically induced hallucinations of the fabulous future. Featuring; salacious suspense, saucy intrigue, adventurous antics, bawdy humor, and fashion creations that are literally to die for!

updates 9.11. 2014

updates 9.11. 2014

GHOST is my latest music video. The video was shot exclusively in downtown San Diego at night. The promo is for the up and coming classically inspired symphonic Metal Band, Gus McArthur. It features hidden locations, skylines, landmarks and urban locations unique to San Diego. 

Four musicians on their way to a late night band meeting are subjected to strange phantasmic forces that propel them on a late night supernatural journey. It’s the strangest night they have ever encountered, one they will never forget.

Still - Out Take



DREAM BIG is a commercial I created for a video competition sponsored by Mission Federal Credit Union in May 2010. This new storyline was created by clips from my award winning fantasy music video 11:11. With a few edits and the addition of an original scripted Voice Over. It’s now a financial sector advertisement with a whimsical and magical message.

updates 9.11.2014

raw footage below

updates 9.11.2014