Managing / Coordinating

As a native of San Diego, I'm able to find unique locations and background plates for visual effects. Some sites are well-known spots that are highly underrated and still underused, others are hidden gems in local haunts, surrounding areas, and scattered throughout the city in various neighborhoods. I specialize in finding locations that can stand-in for other parts of the nation, foreign countries, and places that seem not of this earth. I tend to look outside the box for unique storytelling locations.

I shoot footage for my productions, so I'm always finding more places to film. I tend to keep an active eye for specific design elements that can live in any genre. I look for architectural buildings and landscapes that have multiple cinematic perspectives and visual sight-lines. San Diego is still considered virgin territory for filmmaking, even though its filming heyday dates back to silent-films, pre-code, classic cinema, and of course the latest resurgence in the 1980s and early 90s. The city is well known for its beaches, military bases, and mild weather yet there are other cinematic sides to this town that exceed typical sunsets and surfer silhouettes commonly used in local car commercials, brand advertising, and tourism marketing year-round.

The city features distinctly unique architecture, beautiful historical landmarks to modern contemporary builds that draw to bygone eras and into the visions of the future. Due to the varied topographical nature of the landscape, visual perspectives and sightlines can be numerous especially if you know where to perch yourself. Sometimes the best finds are when I'm out doing errands, attending local events, or just cruising through town.

There are many factors involved in scouting from the highly creative to overly logistical, and with good reason. Every day brings a new challenge for unique problem-solving. You need to be a quick thinker, coordinate with multiple departments all at once, and be ready to act a moments notice. It's a great feeling when things are in sync, flowing, and people are happy with conditions. I've been on the receiving end of high compliments from studio VIPs and top talent, and there's nothing better than making someone's day.

I've scouted locations in San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, England, and France. I keep a photographic catalog of all my sites. I post various scouting outtakes on
Instagram. Locations I've used are on my Reels and Designs page. You can also check out my photo galleries for more examples. I'll be posting new images throughout the year. If you're interested in my eye, don't hesitate to contact me for an appointment. I can assemble a digital location look-book for producers, directors, DPs, production designers, art directors, and location-managers.

I'm available to scout and photograph locations for music videos, commercials, feature films, television shows, short films, video games, animated features, fashion shoots, architectural and design magazines, and real-estate.

Check out my
Instagram page for more location scouting images and my Saatchi gallery for fine art photography.