Sophia Segal is an interdisciplinary artist. She began creating music videos in 2006 for artists based in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego. Her debut German Expressionist inspired music video "Mirror Mirror" produced in the fall of 2006 was quickly nominated for "Best Indie Music Video" at Yahoo's Veddy Awards in early 2007. Her second produced music video ”11:11” is a fairy-tale, fantasy thriller seen through the eyes of a child. It was inspired by watching episodes of Sid and Marty Krofft's Liddsville as a child. The surrealistic video received an honorary "Orson Welles Award" from The California Film Awards in 2010 for "Best of Category". Since the inception of her first music video Sophia's work has been “officially selected” for well known film and music video festivals abroad and stateside. Not only does Sophia direct, film and edit her own productions, but she also designs all the work featured in the videos and shorts. She is also the featured singer and performer in her self-produced music videos. In her comedic Halloween shorts “An Evening At Nossy’s” Sophia playfully pokes fun at classic horror monsters Nosferatu, The Invisible Man and The Mummy. These shorts feature her love of whimsical costume design, 1950's B-horror films, and 1980's comedy shows like "Three's Company". On the more commercial side, her fantasy based commercial clip "Dream Big" received an "Honorable Mention" from a city wide commercial contest sponsored by Mission Federal Credit Union in San Diego, CA. She's is also commissioned by bands and management to direct, edit and shoot music videos for unique break-out tracks and singles.

Sophia's visionary thumbprint thrives on original core-concepts and unique character designs. With the ability to achieve high production values on low budgets with bare bone production crews her work ethic not only inspires fellow colleagues, but her happy clients. She gives full credit to her disciplined training in theatrical stage production as a teenager and young adult. Her early stage production training as a theatrical artisan, scenic artist, and stage technician led to her stage managing and directing high school and college productions. She quickly gained professional work at several major repertory theaters and performing arts centers on the West Coast as a stage technician, scenic artist and prop designer. While continuing her love of stage performing, she stage-managed, and directed special event shows at famous entertainment theme parks. Sophia then went on to direct thematic works for public art events. She also conducted house operations, and acted as prop master for celebrity events at prestigious performing arts centers. After years of professional experience in multiple entertainment industries, training in the performing and fine arts, and IATSE employment it was inevitable that Sophia would be begin producing, directing, writing, editing, and filming her own productions. She is now focused on developing original content for film, television and video games. With her love of live performance, the stage will always be her first love.

Her creative path began with musical theater productions and dramatic plays in high school. She is an awarded stage performer and stage craft technician. Soon after graduation she was hired by major repertory theaters in San Diego for her scenic talents. Shortly thereafter, she was employed by several repertory theaters in Orange County for her work experience. Being closer to Los Angeles County she began acting in feature films, commercials and network television shows. Her first day on set was playing a bit part alongside Chevy Chase in "Memoirs of an Invisible Man". Sophia also worked with Dana Carvey and Mike Myers in Wayne's World, with Rhea Perlman and Woody Harrelson on "Cheers" and other well-known talent over the years. Her performing talents are employed by the animation industry as a professional character model/movement artist for studio animators, illustrators, and motion-capture technicians. She is employed by video game companies, feature animation studios, toy manufacturing companies and VFX schools in Los Angeles, Seattle and San Diego.

Animators, illustrators, comic-book artists, graphic novelists, fine artists, and VFX and SFX artists have sought her movement talents for over 21 years.
After many years of practice, and thousands of hours of direct application in studio settings, Sophia offers her creative wisdom to directors, actors, actresses, performance capture artists, and voice-over artists seeking to improve their craft of visual storytelling, by gaining a more unified command of character embodiment through the use of grounded continuous movement for deeper emotive physical continuity. Sophia offers her in-depth knowledge as a character movement consultant, and on-location movement coach to assist directors, actors, actresses, and voice-over artists seeking to gain more insight into immediate organic movement for more believable characterization and visual storytelling on the set, on-stage, on-location or in "the volume" for motion-capture performance.

Sophia's screenwriting talents are hosted by The Black List. Her published work as filmmaker, writer, artist, photographer, and singer/songwriter are featured on industry websites, blogs, online-zines, pod casts, radio stations, talk shows, and global satellite networks.


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Portrait by: Peter Konerko / 2015